100+ Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Jawabannya I Part 1

Pada artikel kali ini saya akan berbagi 100+ Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Jawabannya I Part 1 kepada anda semuanya.

Silahkan simak di bawah ini :

1. Neni : Would you like to accompany me to the shop?

Rina : ... I want to buy some snack too.

Neni : OK, then. Let’s go!

A. I’m not sure 

B. Sorry 

C. Certainly 

D. I have doubt

Jawaban : B

2. Anang : Did you do the test very well, Andi?

Andi : ..... I don’t have a hope of getting even 50.

Anang : But are you sure?

Andi : Absolutely. Not a hope!

Anang : Don’t worry too much. Next time better.

A. Sorry 

B. I’m sure 

C. Certainly 

D. I’m not so sure

Jawaban : D

3. Marko : I have good news for you. Your article on the tourism in Indramayu won the national competition.

Jaka : ....? It’s what I want to hear. Where can I find the information about it?

Marko : I read the announcement in front of the teacher’s office.

Jaka : I want to see it. Thanks for the information.

A. Well 

B. Really 

C. Oh, I see 

D. Sure

Jawaban : C

4. Kesya : Hello, Resty. Look at my new purse. I made it myself.

Resty : Hello, Kesya. Hey, that’s nice. Isn’t that your old purse? The one that we bought one year ago?

Kesya : Yup, that’s right.

Resty : How did you do that?

Kesya : Sorry ....

Resty : How did you do that, Kesya?

Kesya : Oh. Well, first, I just added some colourful buttons.Then, four–five glittery beads. Finally, I gave my magic finishing touch, hahaha.

A. What did you say? 

B. What did you do? 

C. What do you want?

D. What are you doing?

Jawaban : A

5. Dona : Hey, Gun. What are you doing?

Gun : I’m making a windmill from paper. Ah, now it is finished.

Dona : Wow,...... ! How did you do that?

Gun : I made it from a square piece of paper by cutting inwards from each corner halfway to the

centre point. Then, I folded over each point with a dot on it and tape it to the centre.

A. It’s easy 

B. It’s terrific 

C. It’s difficult 

D. It’s dangerous

Jawaban : C

6. Which qualification must the applicants have?

A. Unfriendly 

B. Fluent English 

C. Experienced 

D. More than 20 years old

Jawaban : B

7. How can we apply the job?

A. By mail 

B. By e-mail 

C. By phone 

D. On line

Jawaban : A

8. The word “ unnecessary” is similar in meaning to ....

A. very urgent 

B. not perfect 

C. not important 

D. uneasy

Jawaban : C

9. Where does Fani live?

A. In Indramayu 

B. In Bandung 

C. in Jakarta 

D. in Jogja

Jawaban : D

10.What did Fani tell Ivone about?

A. Her capability to operate computer 

B. Her finishing computer course 

C. Her changing in her life 

D. Her English course

Jawaban : C

11. “ I will take it in English First.” “ It” refers to...

A. English course 

B. English First 

C. Computer course 

D. Plan

Jawaban : A

12. How many contests are there in the text?

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4

Jawaban : B

13.The prizes will be given ....

A. in the morning 

B. in the afternoon 

C. in the evening 

D. at night

Jawaban : B

14. “ Also, there will be an English Speech competition.”

The synonym of the underlined word is ....

A. contest 

B. match 

C. game 

D. show

Jawaban : B

15. “ They have to wear and perform the traditional costumes”.

The underlined word refers to ...

A. traditional costumes 

B. winners of the contest 

C. prizes 

D. a couple of boy and girl

Jawaban : D

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