100+ Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 dan Jawabannya I Part 2

Pada artikel kali ini saya akan berbagi 100+ Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 dan Jawabannya I Part 2 kepada anda semua.

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The following text is for number 11 to 13

“Educational is a social process.

Education is growth. Education is 

Not a preparation for life;


Is life itslife.”

-John Dewey-

11. What is the text tell about?

a. Education is important to us

b. A process of education

c. Education is our selves

d. Education is a preparation of our life

e. We need education

Jawaban : b

12. How do you call the text?

a. Report text

b. Caption

c. Discussion text

d. Short text

e. Announcement

Jawaban : b

13. Who will trust the sentences of the text?

a. Student

b. Parents

c. Teacher

d. None of them

e. Everybody

Jawaban : e

14. Waiters     : “Would you like a cup of tea?”

Costumer  : “……I love tea. It’s good for our health.”

a. No, thanks

b. I’m sorry

c. I don’t think so

d. Sure

e. I don’t believe it

Jawaban : d

15. Kim      : “The books that you brought looks very great….”

Lee       : “Sure. It’s very kind of you. Thank you, Kim.”

a. Would you like me to help you?

b. Would you like to help me?

c. Would I like to help you?

d. Would you like to bring it for me?

e. Would you like me?

Jawaban : a

16. Tourist   : “I don’t know this place. Can you tell me where is located?”

Native    : “Well, It’s far enough. Would you like me to show your place?”

Tourist   : “Really? It’s very kind of you.”

The underlined sentence shows us that….

a. The native is not really sure about the location

b. The native is in doubt about the location

c. The native accepts the tourist’s offer to help him

d. The native offers the tourist some help

e. The tourist is not a smart people

Jawaban : d

Liverpool Prepare Firmino Bid

    Liverpool are the latest club to show interest in signing Hoffenheim star Roberto Firmino. Man United had been linked with the Brazillian but the Merseysiders are ready to Pounce an will lodge a massive bid of ϵ25 Million to land their man.

17. What is the current club of Firmino?

a. Hoffenheim

b. Bayern Munchen

c. Bayern Leverkusen

d. TSV 1860 Munich

e. Hertha Berlin

Jawaban : a

18. Who is interested in Firmino?

a. Arsenal

b. Liverpool

c. Birmingham

d. Manchester

e. Aston Villa

Jawaban : b

19. What is Firmino’s nationality?

a. Argentina

b. Brazil

c. Japan

d. South Korea

e. China

Jawaban : b

20. How much money will be given to Hoffenheim by Liverpool?

a. 25 million

b. 30 million

c. 35 million

d. 40 million

e. 45 million

Jawaban : a

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