100+ Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 dan Jawabannya I Part 1

Pada artikel kali ini saya akan berbagi 100+ Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 dan Kunci Jawabannya kepada anda semua.

Silahkan simak di bawah ini :

Dialog 1

Siti : Mrs. Helen said that we will have a new teacher.

Asti : I see. He is Mr.Rohman, my father.

Siti : Really?

Asti : Yeah, he will teach us English.

Siti : . . . ?

Asti : He is a handsome man with moustache.

1. A. What is she like?  

B. What does she look like?

C. What does he like?

D. What is he like? 

Jawaban : D

Dialog 2

Tiara : Mom, I have a new classmate. Her name is Sheila. She is from Palembang.

Mother : What does she look like?

Tiara : . . . .

Mother : Is she a kind girl?

Tiara : Yes, she is.


A. She is tall and slim

B. She is looking for me

C. She likes cooking

D. She is my best friend

Jawaban : A

Dialog 3

Rafi : Hi, Nasya. Do you have any pets?

Nasya : Yes, I have four rabbits.

Rafi : (3) . . . 

Nasya : They have white fur, round eyes, and long ears.

Rafi : Wow, it must be cute and funny.

Nasya : You are right. How about you, Rafi?

Rafi : I have a small turtle.

Nasya : Turtle? What is it like?

Rafi : (4) . . .


A. What does it look like?

B. What do they like?

C. What do they look like?

D. What does it like?

Jawaban : C


A. It is long and has colorful skin

B. It is cute and has white fur

C. It has big body and long trunk

D. It is small, has hard shell and walks slowly

Jawaban : D

Dialog 4

Irfan : Putri, your house is very clean and tidy.

Putri : Thank you. I always help my mother to keep the house clean and tidy.

Irfan : The garden is also colorful and green. It has so many plants and flowers.

Putri : Yes. They make the air fresh and cool

Irfan : And make the house beautiful as well

5. What does Putri’s house look like?

A. It colorful and green

B. It is very clean and tidy

C. It is big and everything is well organized

D. It is very cute

Jawaban : B

6. Which of the following sentences is right about Putri’s house?

A. It’s not too clean but tidy

B. There are no plants there

C. It has colorful and green garden

D. The garden isn’t colorful and green

Jawaban : C

Dialog 5

At the Zoo

Adit : Elephants are surely huge. Look at that size!

Fatma : You are right. And their trunks are very long.

Edo : They also have large ears.

Nanda : Look! That baby elephant is so cute.

7. What does Fatma say about the elephants?

A. She says that elephants are very big

B. She says that elephants have large ears

C. She says that elephants are cute

D. She says that elephants have long trunks

Jawaban : D

8. What do they say about the elephants?

A. The elephants are big, have long trunk and small ears

B. The elephants are very big, have long trunks and large ears

C. The elephants are so cute and have short trunk

D. The elephants are very strong and have very big trunks

Jawaban : B

Complete the dialog

Dialog 6

Maya : Mom, I got a gift from aunty Shovia. It is a (9) . . . dress.

Mommy : Wow, the dress is lovely. It looks good on you.

Maya : I think it must be (10) . . . . Aunty Shovia bought it from a boutique. 

Mommy : What a charming dress! You must thank your aunty for this.

Maya : Sure, I did.


A. Big 

B. Ugly

C. Red

D. Old

Jawaban : C


A. Expensive

B. Cheap

C. Long

D. Short

Jawaban : A

11. What does a postman do?

A. He teaches students in a school

B. He takes care of garden

C. He helps doctor in a hospital

D. He delivers mail everyday

Jawaban : D

12. You go to a . . . to check your teeth.

A. Pilot

B. Dentist

C. Policeman

D. Carpenter

Jawaban : B

13. What does this animal do? 

A. It likes to jump

B. It swims in the sea

C. It speaks loudly

D. It flies on the sky

Jawaban : D

14. What does this animal do?

A. It swims in the river

B. It climbs a tree

C. It runs fast

D. It sings beautifully

Jawaban : A

15. In Biology class, the students use microscopes for . . . .

A. Observing tiny things

B. Helping them draw lines

C. Counting the things 

D. Keeping the starionaries

Jawaban : A

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