100+ Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP dan Jawabannya I Part 1

Hallo sobat semuanya pada artikel kali ini admin akan berbagi Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs I Part 1 kepada anda semuanya.

Simak di bawah ini baik-baik :

1. Ahmad : Excuse me for being late to work.

Ghifari : Where have you been?

Ahmad : My car has broken down.

Ghifari : That’s too bad. Please try to fix it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Ahmad : Yes, I’ll work on it.

Ghifari : Thank you, have a seat. We are working on the new project.

Ahmad : Great! Fill me in.

Which expression shows appology?

A. That’s too bad.

B. Thank you, have a seat.

C. My car has broken down.

D. Excuse me for being late to work.

Jawaban : D

2. Ghefira : Oh my God! My Laptop suddenly shut down!

Gheziya : That’s bad … .

Ghefira : I hope so.

A. I hope you are not angry.

B. hopefully you will be all right.

C. hopefully everything will run well.

D. I hope you don’t loss important data.

Jawaban : C

Questions number 3 – 4 are based on the following text.

For whom the card is sent to?

A. for the writer’s teacher

B. for the writer’s friend

C. for the writer’s father 

D. for the writer’s mother

Jawaban : C

4. The Phrase “strong shoulders” mean that… .

A. hard worker

B. romantic

C. diligent

D. care

Jawaban : A

The following text is for questions 5-6

5. What does the text tell us about?

A. Preparing for Asian Games.

B. Preparing for the friendly match.

C. The team of Asia’s football legends.

D. Confirming the head coach for Asian Games. 

Jawaban : B

6. “we would like to inform you that your team ...”.

The word “we” refers to … .

A. footbal Player

B. head Coach

C. supporters

D. ministry

Jawaban : D

The following text is for questions 7 – 10.

National Monument

The National Monument or usually called as Monas is located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. This obelisk was built in 1961 with the purpose to commemorate the struggle and fight of the people in Indonesia to achieve their independence. It was opened to the public in 1975.  

The National Monument is a rectangular tower with the height of 132 meters. The typical part of the building that became a special characteristic of it is the flame shape covered with gold foil located on the top of the tower. There is a museum at the base part of the tower with the size of 80 x 80 meters. Everyone can visit the museum to learn the history of Indonesia. There is also an amphitheater in this building called Ruang Kemerdekaan, it is located in the "cup" part of Monas and it can be reached by using spiral stairs at the north and south doors. If you go to the southern side of the building, you will find an elevator that can be used to access the top platform where we will find the observation deck and also the flame of independence.

7. From reading text above, we can conclude that a special thing of Monas is … on the top of tower.

A. rectangular tower

B. spiral stairs

C. base part

D. gold foil

Jawaban : D

8. This obelisk was built in 1961 with the purpose to commemorate the struggle and fight of Indonesian to achieve their independence.

The underlined word means … .

A. keep alive in someone’s memory

B. care to the national monument 

C. respect to Indonesian people 

D. as an unspecial things

Jawaban : A

9. What is the text about?

A. The part of our house.

B. The size of Indonesian’s museum. 

C. The obelisk named National Monument.

D. The special things on the top of building.

Jawaban : C

10. What should we do if we want to find flame of Independence?

A. We must be a good traveler. 

B. We invite to all people in Jakarta.

C. We should reach by using spiral stairs.

D. We make an observation in Nasional Monument.

Jawaban : C

The following text is for number 11 to 14

11. The advertisement will be useful for … .

A. someone who needs money

B. someone who needs handphone

C. someone who needs smartphone

D. someone who needs new internet packet

Jawaban : D

12. We should click my eXeL.com … we get complete feature in your smart phone.

A. or

B. so

C. but

D. and

Jawaban : B

13. What does the writer want us to do from the text?

A. To have some money. 

B. To sell internet packet.

C. To buy internet packet.

D. To bring new smartphone. 

Jawaban : C

14. “A packet for a free call”.

The underlined word is closest in meaning to … .

A. complete features

B. no cost or payment

C. unable to act as one wishes 

D. under the control of another

Jawaban : B

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